First Congregational Church in Woburn

  Since 1860 in our Sixth Building 
First Congregational Church, Woburn, 322 Main St, Woburn, MA 01801 -  Located in Woburn Center  - 781 933-1642
photos by David Demambro
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Our historic house of worship was damaged by Hurricane Irene. First Congregational Church's Restoration Committee is seeking ways to raise funds to repair these damages. If you would like to donate, please contact the church office, at 
781/933-1642. Or, mail your donation to:

First Congregational Church of Woburn
c/o Restoration Committee
322 Main Street
Woburn, MA 01801

Thanks in advance for your help. Please go to our Restoration page for more details. 
Courtesy of Dave DeMambro
*City Hall
George Sarceno, Minister
Pastor Sam Bombara, Minister
Pastor Frank Passamonte, Minister
Scott Schuh, Assistant Minister
Matthew Nugent, AV tech
Bob Frekking, AV tech
Bill Frekking, AV tech
Joan Farr, Treasurer
Lee Maynard, Moderator

Renelle Hebert, Pianist
Marguerite Upton, Soprano Soloist and Choir Director
Jan Foley, Collector
Martha Poole, Diaconate Chair
Beverly Nugent, Diaconate Co-Chair

Christian Education
Jane Hicks
Beverly Nugent

Please Note: In the event of a snow storm prediction of 4-6 inches or more, Sunday service will be cancelled. 

Also, please DO NOT park under the roof if there is snow/ice on it. Damage will occur if it falls on your vehicle.

St Mark's Evangelical Church and First Congregational Church 
Sunday Services begin at 10:30 am

Please join us and bring your family and friends!
Pastor George Saraceno is Ordained at the First Congregational Church of 
Woburn, MA
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