First Congregational Church in Woburn

Woburn Public Media Center broadcasts our taped 9:30am Sunday services, at 9:30 Sunday and Monday mornings, and 1:00 Monday afternoon on Cable channel 45


Tuesday, 12:30 PM, in the church office. All are welcome

Marje LeSeur
Deacon Ed Hicks
Mr William Goodwin, Organist and Music Director
Upcoming Sermons
Linda J (Paulsen) Pouech
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THE WOBURN KIWANIS CLUB made a recent donation to the First Congregational Church of Woburn, in the name of former member and Past President Paul Nutile. Shown here at the check presentation are President Kevin Maguire (r) and Paul's sister Pam (l).
 Gary Eastman
Never forgotten

"Baptism Prayer"
By Dana A Demambro

Today I give my child to you
My heart is full, my words are few
In your name my child is Christened
Sacred prayers spoken as I listened
My child loved and held so dear
Sweet Lord, I place him in your care 
This precious day, my child anointed
In your house, precious church of God
I give my child to you, my Lord
Now she is safe, will always be
She'll have your love for all to see
Praises, Lord, I sing to you
With this child, my faith renewed
Rejoice, rejoice this Christening day
I kneel with thankful heart and pray.
Hazel Van Putten
 Mary and O James Inashima
Congratulations to the Churchill Family! 
Pamela Simpson

The ​First Congregational Church  

Services begin at 9:30 AM

Please join us and bring your family and friends!

In Loving Memory of Gerald R. "Jerry" Lees
October 5, 1942
August 18, 2016

Our congregation mourns the loss of 
Hubert Emery Spicer 
Oct 7, 1937- December 11, 2016 
RIP Sonny, You will be missed.
One of the first meeting houses.