The First Congregational Church of Woburn has been a beacon in this City and has stood strong for many years.  It is considered one of the oldest, largest wooden churches in the world having been build in 1860.  This building houses one of only six E.G. & C. Hook organs in existence, assembled in the sanctuary in 1860. This organ is played every Sunday during church services.  Whether a member, attendee, or a friend of the First Church, you can feel the history when you walk into the sanctuary and know that God's word has been preached here for over 370 years.

The church still stands strong, but unfortunately in August 2011 during Hurricane Irene, the church was badly damaged.  The damage has been assessed at the estimated amount of $200,000.  Even though this church is a registered National Historic Landmark, an appeal to the agency was not successful, as they are lacking funds.

We are reaching out to members, old families, and friends of the First Church as well as local businesses with the hope that you would donate.  Please note that you may also personalize your donation by putting it in memory or in honor of a loved one.

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Courtesy of Bonnie Hicks