First Congregational Church in Woburn

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Welcome to First Congregational Church, Woburn
We are in the big white church in Woburn center
Celebrating God by passionately seeking him, by inviting people into the everdeepening friendship of Jesus, by showing His love to one another, and by serving the community.
Congregational Churches are democratic, with the whole body of members (called the Corporation, because the original settlers had to be incorporated by the Crown) voting each year for the various offices of the church.  The pastors at best are not so much the boss as rather the Master of Ceremonies, though at some times and places they are as commanding as in a regular Baptist church.  (Many Congregationalist 
     First Congregational Church is truly congregation in that it is independent of any of the congregational 'denominations'.

​Our First head Deacon, founder of Woburn, Edward Johnson, wrote one of the very first histories of the Puritans, published in 1656.  Go to the History page to download this important early American document
photo by David Demambro
Courtesy of Bonnie Hicks
"Bring Us Back"
By Dana A Demambro 

O Lord, how far we've strayed from the way our lives should be. Bring us back Lord; take away our blindness, let us see!
We have become like children; spoiled, arrogant, loud.
We think we don't need You, we're not thankful, we're too proud.
Bring us back, Lord, to times when we weren't ashamed to pray, when everyone could give their opinion and we'd listen to what they had to say.
Why must children have to play in playgrounds so unsafe? Guns, used heroin needles, this is such a disgrace!
Bring us back, Lord, forgive us our sins.
We want to come back to Your House; please save us, let us in!
I know that You can change the world around, we want to follow You.
Bring us back, Dear Lord; please guide us back today. 
We want to follow You, Lord, and live the righteous way!